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Jack Gordon

About time! As an HR professional, I've never understood why for all these years we haven't figured out a better way to get references. The potential for getting useful information is so high, but we've succumbed to the fear of litigation over the years without looking for a better way. I work with HR generalists who have talked about their frustration in doing reference checking - going through the motions, not expecting anything meaningful to come out (and it doesn't). I've also seen a number of high-profile senior hires over the years who were clearly not a good fit from Day 1. I cannot imagine that if we had gone to enough of their colleagues, bosses, and/or subordinates and asked them to share feedback anonymously -- based on our firm's key success factors -- that we would not have uncovered major red flags before it was too late.

This sounds extremely promising, definitely the direction we should be moving toward, though I do have a question -- can you share statistics on ratings differentiation based on the surveys that have been done to date?

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